Prescription Assistance Program


COVID-19 UPDATE: In response to the extraordinary circumstances facing our communities, we have made adjustments in our usual programs in an effort to protect our patients, our volunteers and our staff. These actions will be reviewed weekly as the evolving situation changes. We care about you, please call us with questions. The PAP will continue as before, minimizing face-to-face contact, and limiting medication pick-up to specific times

The Knox Clinic provides a Prescription Assistance Program, which helps patients get medication they might not otherwise be able to afford. We can apply for free medications when available, as well as price check between pharmacies, and print coupons, to help you find the most affordable medications.

 Services are available to anyone who is uninsured and has limited financial means. You do not have to be a Medical Clinic patient to apply.
Call 207-301-6994 for more information or to make an appointment with Lisa Mele, our Prescription Assistance Coordinator.  Please have your medication list when you call.
Will you pay for my medication? 

• Unfortunately the Knox Clinic is not state or federally funded, so we don't have the resources to pay for your medication.  We will help you apply to the pharmaceutical company to request your medication free of charge, or find the least expensive options.
Can I get an application? 

• There is not an application to the "Knox Clinic’s Prescription Assistance Program".  Since you will be applying directly to the pharmaceutical company, there will be a separate application for each medication. 
How long does the application process take?

• Most medications take about three to four weeks to arrive once the application has been submitted. 
What do you need from me?

• Most companies require a copy of your federal tax return if you filed one.  If you did not file a tax return most will accept a social security benefit statement, pay stub, unemployment benefit statement or other form of proof of income. 

• We will need a prescription from your doctor unless you are a patient at the Knox Medical Clinic. 
How much medication will I get and how much will it cost? 

• Once your application is approved, most companies send a three month supply. The majority of companies approve you for one year.  There is no charge for the medication.
What if I have insurance?
• Many companies will not assist anyone who has insurance.  Some companies will allow patients into the program through their appeals process if they have high copays or are in the Medicare D "donut hole".

For Reference: Maine Department of Human Services Guide to Prescription Drug Assistance.