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Our Mission: The Knox County Health Clinic’s mission is to build the capacity of the Mid Coast community to provide high quality, low or no cost health and wellness services to low income, uninsured and underinsured persons.

Provision of direct medical, dental and mental health services and a network of specialty providers and referral services will be made available to assure that all midcoast residents have the opportunity to improve and maintain their overall health.

Our Story
The Knox County Health Clinic was founded in June of 1999 by Dr. Paul and Jeannie Klainer with significant community support to provide primary medical care to the working people of Knox County who cannot afford their own health insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid, Medicare or other programs. A Dental Program was added in April of 2001 that serves patients both without insurance and those on Medicaid as there are no dentists in the region accepting Medicaid. In 2003, the Clinic began assisting patients in obtaining free medications through a Prescription Assistance Program (PAP). In 2008, the Clinic expanded its services to include mental health and wellness services. 
Over 100 volunteers provide approximately 700 dental visits, 750 mental health and wellness visits, 800 medical visits, and $1,800,000 dollars worth of free medication to the community every year.
After sixteen years in operation, we have grown, but we have not changed who we are: a grassroots, community supported network of over 100 volunteers. We are so proud of the incredible community support for our patients. Many of the volunteers have been helping at the Clinic for 10 to 15 years, primarily because the work is so rewarding. They can see what a difference their time and talents are making. Volunteers have helped diabetic patients regain control over their lives, brought back smiles to people who used to hide them in shame, and gave essential care and vaccines to students now working as nurses and dentists in our community. For every success story, there is a person who is now able to live a healthy and productive life, the ripple effect this has in our community is immeasurable and tremendously valuable.

Our Funding
The Clinic currently receives no monies from government grants or subsidies, or insurance companies. Rather, we depend on the continued financial support from our community members and local organizations to sustain our operating budget. 
In the past year more than 100 volunteers provided over 5,000 hours of their time and talents. Adding the value of the donated services, space and utilities, the total value of donated goods and services is about 3 times our total budget. That means every dollar you donate is matched by three dollars worth of donated goods and services!

Our Staff
We are all part time and work hard to make our volunteers happy and efficient! To contact us please call 207-301-6996 or email us at 
Executive Director -  Meredith Batley
Prescription Assistance Coordinator – Dana Coleman
Clinic Nurse – Larry Hills, RN
Dental Hygienist – Ali Gaeth, RDH
Administrative Assistant – Kim Crockett
Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator - Judith Hatch-Orme, LCSW 

Our Board of Directors
Amy Barnett, LADC
Tony Bates, DMD
Jack Gee, DMD
Jeri Holm
Jeanne Klainer, Treasurer and Clerk
Paul Klainer, MD, President and Medical Director
Steven Lindsay, Vice President
Sandy Lowe, RN
Kevin Olehnik, MD
Mike Rich, PT 
Joern Steinort
Matthew Turner, PA

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